Agusto Caborog

Agusto Caborog makes sculptures that come alive with figurative ab-
stracts that evokes a mysterious aura
making the viewer search for hidden
meanings behind those faceless or
blank anonymous figures rendered
in bold shapes and interesting ge-
His signature style is a mixture of
impressionism and cubism of highly
expressionistic brass sculptures that
can be described as monumental.
The hard work needed for creating
his brass sculptures is hidden be-
cause of the simple shapes used.
Coming out after 15 years under fel-
low artists and master sculptors, he
is now ready to carve a path defining
the new wave of modernist sculpture
in the Philippines under the manage-
ment of OMG Gallery.
The deceptive simplicity of his tech-
nique conveys a presence and impact
that is full of character. Caborog's
> works goes against the grain of most
artists working today by using tra-
ditional techniques that show a dis-
tinctly modern cubistic nature and
metaphorical composition of shapes
and forms.
recognizable characters the faceless
pnvey anonymity that the
In narrate a character and
ach subject.

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